About NEC Future Creation Forum

We are entering an era of huge transformation.
A true digital revolution driven by Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). NEC has always been ahead of the curve.

In its 1977 Computers and Communications (C&C) Declaration,
NEC predicted the emergence of today’s information society and the fusion of computing and communications.
In recent years, we have been actively driving the digital revolution through in-house development of several world first IoT and AI technologies.

Rapid technological advancement is fueling social change, presenting us with both diverse possibilities and complex challenges.
Given the speed of development, we need to urgently address some important questions: What will define human happiness in an era of the digital revolution? What new industrial models will emerge? How can we ensure people to evolve in ways that complement the wellbeing of our planet?
The advancement of AI has already generated discussions and debates about the relationship between scientific and technological progress and the potential of people.

As the new digitally enabled era approaches, NEC has committed to re-examine the fundamental relationship between people and technology, launching the “NEC Future Creation Forum” as a venue where prominent intellectual players can voice opinions on how technologies should develop to enrich our society and our future.

NEC intends to nurture the NEC Future Creation Forum as a beacon for debate on the evolution of a new world with the digital revolution.
Working together with people worldwide to realize a society which affords all people an equal chance to test and stretch their talents, and to build a brighter world inspired by infinite human creativity and capability.


T. Niino

President and CEO NEC Corporation