Event Report: C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2017

5th NEC Future Creation Forum

NEC CTO, Katsumi Emura, briefly introduced the past forums and was followed by two panel discussions. The first was entitled “The impact of advancing AI on future society.” Two of the members gave short addresses and then all the members debated whether the benefits regarding human-AI coexistence outweigh the concerns, and cautioned that fear of AI could hamper human and social progress.

Session 2 Part (1)
The impact of advancing AI on future society
Forum Review

Consider hard social predictions from a long-term perspective

Since its induction in March, the NEC Future Creative Forum has met four times in closed sessions connecting the members through Skype from around the world and this is the first open forum, where all members will be debating face-to-face. The forum was tasked with analyzing popular AI and other rapidly advancing technology to clarify grey areas that make broad predictions difficult. We must seek effective measures to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals because we only have one planet, and our future society will be increasingly people-focused and people-driven, so now is the time to consider responsible action from a longer-term perspective.

Portrait of Katsumi Emura

Chief Technology Officer, NEC Corporation

Katsumi Emura

Forum debates focused broadly on powerful new technology and its impact on people and society. Regarding technology, we discussed the possibilities of “sighted” machines, which social and human features could be replaced by technology, and which should not, and how AI can help create global-scale platforms and networks. The forums also explored the nature of humanity; whether we will ever escape our Stone Age hunter mentality, and whether technology can help make humans feel enriched and happy.

NEC’s corporate message is “Orchestrating a brighter world.” We believe society must offer safety, security, efficiency and equality for people to lead hope-filled, richer lives. NEC aspires to help achieve such a society by considering the application of powerful new technologies from a responsible, long-term perspective.

slide: Four values to realize an abundant society (Safty, Security, Efficiency, Equality)
slide: Summary of previous discussions. Evolution of society and growth of humans.