Highlighted Themes from the NEC Future Creation Forum : 1

Manabu Akaike of Universal Design Intelligence, Inc. explains in depth the issues of the future.

Portrait of Manabu Akaike

Director, Universal Design Intelligence, Inc.

Manabu Akaike

Born in Tokyo in 1958, Manabu Akaike is the director of Universal Design Intelligence, Inc., a social system design think tank involved in environment- and welfare-related product, facility, and community development. Advocating bioregionalism, millenary sustainability, and nature-inspired innovation, Akaike has contributed to many manufacturing projects that make use of local resources, technologies, and people. As a science journalist, Akaike writes and lectures on manufacturing technologies and the philosophy of science, He also serves as the representative director of the Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative, Service Design Engineering Council, and Japan CSV Business Development Organization. He has received numerous honors in the field of industrial design, including a Good Design Gold Award, Japan Shop System Award Grand Prix, and KU/KAN Award.

Manabu Akaike categorized the themes of the past forums into 4 categories, HUMAN, SOCEITY, TECHNOLOGY and BUSINESS.
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